About Us

Zumbro House is a therapeutic community of residential programs, designed to serve individuals with mental disabilities and/or mental illness, and to help them live successfully and safely in the community.  Our spectrum of residential services range from our most supported and supervised level of care, Corporate Foster Care, to a variety of apartment programs offering a range of supervision/support options, from 24/7 to partial day.  In all of our programs, we offer a seamless system of supports that will address each client's specific needs through individualized programming.  The provision of a safe and therapeutic environment that rewards and encourages more adaptive behavior is instrumental in helping our clients succeed in the community.  Person Centered Planning is the backbone of our program. Rather than shaping the person to fit the environment, we shape the environment to fit the person.  Allowing individuals to maintain their community-based status promotes the concept of inclusion, integration and self-determination, which is our primary goal.