Consumer Satisfaction

Zumbro House, Inc. is committed to providing quality services. Our satisfaction tele-survey is just one way that we gather feedback to help us assess and maintain the highest level of care possible.

The following summary is based on Zumbro House's 2018 survey results. The feedback below is reflective of a random sampling of 30 clients receiving services, which constitutes approximately one third of the total number of clients served by Zumbro House, Inc.  Phone surveys were conducted on Sep. 14, 2018.  Because many of our clients have limited reading skills, survey questions were read verbally over the phone and were conducted by personnel unknown to the client.  Clients were informed that their responses were kept completely confidential and that their names would not be tracked in connection with their answers. 

The following is the list of survey questions.  Clients were asked to rate their answers on a Likert scale from 1-5, with 1 being "very much disagree" and with 5 being "very much agree":

1.  My basic needs are being met.

2.  My privacy is protected.

3.  I like the staff.

4.  My rights are protected and upheld.

5.  I can choose activities that are important to me.

6.  My home is safe, well maintained, and comfortable.

7.  I am overall happy with where I am living. 

Survey Results

The following is the average response for each question.

Question # 1:   4.4          (2017 score: 4.2)

Question # 2:   4.9         (2017 score: 4.4)

Question # 3:   4.7          (2017 score: 3.2)

Question # 4:   4.8          (2017 score: 3.3)

Question # 5:   4.6          (2017 score: 3.9)

Question # 6:   4.7            (2017 score: 4.4)

Question # 7:    4.4           (2017 score: 4.5)

While there is always opportunity for improvement, we are pleased with the overall results of this year's survey, and will continue to work diligently to continually improve services.


To receive a more a more detailed survey report, please contact our main office at (651)264-1000.